Thursday, March 21, 2013


Introducing The Red Veil Series. Gothic Paranormal Romances. When times are darkest, some vampires desire more than blood ...

Feb. 7th- The Many Muses of MaryLynn (Review/Giveaway) (Prequel)
Feb. 8th- The Many Muses of MaryLynn (Review/Giveaway) (Book 1)
Feb. 19th- Review From Here (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 3rd- Paranormal Romance Fans for Life (Review/Giveaway) (Prequel)
Mar. 4th- Breathe In BooKs (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 5th- Kaidans Seduction (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 11th- Crazy Four Books (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 12th- Sweet n' Sassi (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 12th- Offbeat Vagabond (Review/Giveaway) (Book 1)
Mar. 15th- Full Moon Bites (Review/Giveaway) (Prequel)
Mar. 17th- All Aboard! (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 19th- Regina May Ross's Blog (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 20th- Not Now...Mommy's Reading (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 20th- Deal Sharing Aunt (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 21st- Reader Girls (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 22nd- Community Bookstop (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 23rd- Harlie's Books (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 24th- I am, Indeed (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 25th- A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 25th- Froggarita's Bookcase (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 26th- Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 27th- My Sexy Escapes (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 27th- Book- Marks The Spot (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 27th- Kristy Centeno (Review/Giveaway) (Book 1)
Mar. 28th- Lily Pond Reads (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 28th- Mallory Heart Reviews (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 29th- Deal sharing Aunt (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 29th- My Seryniti (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 29th- A Page Away 
(Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 30th- Beach Bum Reads (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 30th- The Darker Side of Romance (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)
Mar. 30th- Devoured Words (Review/Giveaway) (Both Books)



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  1. Congratulations on your coming Red Veil Series blog tour! Wishing you the very best.