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Descent of Blood, The Red Veil Series, The Prequel

Location: Cardiff Castle, Wales

When times are darkest, some vampires desire more than blood …
England, 1465. Mortal men clash in the War of the Roses for the English crown, while vampire warriors’ move undetected among their ranks, savoring the flow of blood that battlefields provide.

Vampire prince, Severian Pearce, fears the revelation of the immortal clans to humankind should King Henry fall from power. While in pursuit of Henry’s enemies, Severian comes to the aid of Meridian Neville, a human woman he craves—and not for the scent of her blood … Meridian is torn between honoring her father’s dying wish and her unexplainable yearning for Lord Severian. But as Severian and Meridian work together to protect a relic hunted by mortals and immortals alike, the red veil descends over them. This all-consuming attraction can drive immortals to the brink of madness. Will the existence of this powerful bond between a human and a vampire be enough to unite the immortal clans or is the red veil a scourge set on destroying any chance they might have of happiness?

Lord Severian Pearce, vampire prince
Philabe's secret Book of Descent
The reliquary entrusted to Meridian
Lady Meridian Neville
Ceasel, a nosferatu keen on having the reliquary and Meridian Neville.
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